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Window treatments are finally being recognized as a phenomenal, yet simple, energy-saving tool for both residential and commercial utilization. As an added benefit, glare and UV reduction provided by appropriate window treatments protect merchandise, flooring, fabric and personnel of all types. And UV protection is not something to be taken lightly, according to the American Medical Association. It is a common fallacy that skin requires direct exposure to incur damage by the sun, but this is simply not true. Skin cancer is one of the most rapidly growing forms of cancer in the United States. It can be serious and deadly at any age. One out of five Americans was affected by skin cancer last year alone. It is highly recommended that business owners and residents utilize appropriate window treatments to offset these potentially ill effects.

Eastman Solutia window treatments can effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Medical studies are reporting that a person can more than double their risk of skin cancer in their lifetime, by getting a blistering sunburn before the age of 20. So it is important for everyone to control exposure to the sun indoors, where people mistakenly feel completely protected, even when appropriate window treatments are not being utilized.

Professional installation of Eastman Solutia’s industry leading window treatments, whether commercial or residential, can be achieved by calling the experts at A-Pro Glass Tinting. With a strong list of references and more than twenty years of experience serving L. A.’s Westside and South Bay, A-Pro Glass Tinting is fully insured, equipped and bonded to provide the best installation service available to area business owners, homeowners and celebrities. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Call (310) 348-9999 today, to get a free estimate with regard to the installation of any commercial or residential window treatments.

Rest assured that A-Pro Glass Tinting has the appropriate window treatments to suit your needs and at the best possible price. Call A-Pro Glass Tinting now to take advantage of the winning combination of Eastman Solutia performance film products and A-Pro’s industry leading installation service. This winning combination is your best solution for controlling internal exposure to the sun, with effective and efficient window treatments.