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Residential and Commercial Window Film Products

Residential and Commercial Window Film Products

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Window tint has become one of the most popular home improvement projects due probably to the statistical documentation recently released indicating that outside of home insulation, window tint provides the greatest home improvement opportunity available to save money, by way of energy savings. It is more frequently reported now, that payback on a home window tinting investment, occurs on average within three years. A-Pro Glass Tinting has more than twenty years of experience helping homeowners save money through expert installation of the Eastman Solutia performance film products, the best available window tint.

The Eastman Solutia lines of widow tint products include: EnerLogic, the most popular and energy efficient brand on the market, Vista one of the most cost effective, and Llumar offering high quality residential and commercial window film, including an impressive variety of safety, decorative and anti-graffiti options. For more than twenty years, A-Pro Glass Tinting has provided Western Los Angeles and South Bay occupants with superior professional installations for both residential and commercial window tint clients.

Besides energy savings, window tint also provides UVA & UVB protection for people, fabrics, flooring, furniture and merchandise. The benefit of protection for furniture and merchandise is obvious, but recent studies show that the ill affects of UV radiation on people is having a serious and negative health impact. Skin cancer has become a tremendous health concern and the control of UV exposure has become an important facet of prevention. Just like an insurance policy, window tint is a commercial or residential investment that pays regular dividends.

For the best selection of window tint from Eastman Solutia, the industry leader, call A-Pro Glass Tinting at (310) 348-9999. You’ll receive a free estimate, the industry’s best customer service and a competitive quote from one of the areas most experienced professionals. A job worth doing is a job worth doing right. Call A-Pro Glass Tinting today and treat yourself to the best materials and the best service available in the window tint industry.

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