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Residential and Commercial Window Film Products

Vista Window Film

The Vista line of window tint was created in order to provide residential users with a product that captures and utilizes the best the sun has to offer. The 5th Dimension made “Let the Sun Shine In” a very popular song, idea, and attitude, back in the Sixties. And why not, the sun provides energy, heat, and light, three critical components of life that are provided for free on a daily basis. Natural sunlight offers plenty of benefits, but there are also negatives to letting the sun shine in. Vista allows you to bask in the benefits while limiting or eliminating the negatives. Residential users can capture and utilize the energy, heat, and light being provided by the sun, while cancelling out the negative effects that come with it when un-tempered, such as glare, excessive heat and the fading of flooring and furniture. The entire Vista line allows a user to keep glare out, fading out, and heat on the right side of the glass, outside in summer and inside in winter.

If your windows are damaged or deteriorating, they need to be replaced, but if they can be repaired, Vista residential window tinting can provide a more than affordable alternative to replacement, especially when your main goal is to improve efficiency. As a matter of fact, professional tinting can cost one-tenth the cost of replacement windows.

Vista saves homeowners money by providing energy savings up to 50%. And thanks to a recent policy revision, homeowners can receive a 10% tax credit on the cost of residential window film, up to $500, through December 31, 2013. A tax credit allows the homeowner to deduct the credit directly from the total tax owed, not just deducted from total taxable income. It directly reduces your tax bill by the credit amount, such that you’re literally being paid to save.

Check with the professionals at A-Pro Glass Tinting to see what credits or rebates might be applicable to your residential tinting plans. Call for a free estimate at (310) 348-9999.

Learn more about window film for your home from Vista:

* Save Energy

* Reduce Heat & Glare

* Protect from UV Rays

* Provides Safety & Security

* Avoid Replacement Windows