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Residential and Commercial Window Film Products

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Tinted windows in Los Angeles have become a homeowner’s first line of defense against home energy expenses. Today’s window film has become critically important, due to advances that provide tremendous insulation capabilities, as well as protection from the damaging effects of the sun for family, flooring and furniture. Serving the West L.A and South Bay area for more than twenty years, A-Pro Glass Tinting is licensed, bonded, and well-equipped to assist with any and all needs regarding tinted windows. Ask A-Pro Glass Tinting about the availability of state or utility-sponsored rebates or tax credits regarding professionally tinted windows.

Energy savings are the primary force driving the current demand for tinted windows in residential homes, but UV protection for the family and effective blocking of the sun’s damaging rays to your furniture, flooring and fabrics must be considered equally valuable. Eastman Solutia performance film product lines are featured by A-Pro Glass Tinting and EnerLogic, today’s most popular and energy-efficient window film, is included. So call A-Pro to get the best products and installation when considering residential tinted windows.

Home insulation is a popular energy saving project, but dollar for dollar, it’s frequently reported that tinted windows in the home offer a quicker payback, based strictly on energy savings, usually in less than three years. Window tinting blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays and 81% of solar energy, which results in lower cooling costs, while increasing your family’s comfort, privacy and security. A-Pro Glass Tinting has the knowledge and experience to any job right the first time with the right products for the job. Save money, time and effort by choosing the right provider for your specific needs regarding tinted windows in your home.

Professionally tinted windows also reduce glare, providing homeowners the view they paid for when they bought the home. A-Pro Glass Tinting is well-equipped to assist you with the appropriate consideration of all options pertaining to tinted windows in your home. Call (310) 348-9999 for a free estimate from the installation experts at A-Pro Glass Tinting. Don’t waste any time making the decision to save money, protect your family and furnishings, while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Professionally applied tinted windows make all of this possible, so go ahead and make the call.