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Residential and Commercial Window Film Products

Residential and Commercial Window Film Products

Residential Window Tinting

The benefits of residential window tinting are plentiful and include, but are not limited to: reduced solar damage to floors, fabrics and furniture, reduced solar damage to the skin and eyes of residents, reduced summer cooling expense, reduced winter heating expense, accident and earthquake shatter protection, external cosmetic beautification and increased privacy.

Damage to the skin does not require direct exposure. Skin cancer can be serious and deadly at any age, but is currently one of the most rapidly growing forms of cancer in the U.S., with one out of five Americans affected last year alone. Sun radiation damage starts at an early age and accumulates over the years. Studies show that even one blistering sunburn before the age of 20 can more than double a person’s skin cancer risk later on. So controlling exposure to the sun is an important consideration for everyone, especially in the home, where people erroneously feel totally protected. Glass alone cannot eliminate Ultraviolet light, which is the main cause of skin cancer today. However, professionally installed residential window tinting can effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays in your home. Nature provides the skin with melanin, in an attempt to protect, but it is not fully developed in infants and even when fully developed, it’s not nearly enough protection for adults. Protection from UVA and UVB rays should begin at infancy since soft, tender baby skin is the most sensitive. Children should be taught to be sun-defensive no matter where they are or how exposure may occur, including the risk of exposure from untreated windows.

While you’re enjoying the pleasure of protecting your family from dangers of the sun, don’t hesitate to notice and appreciate the economic benefits of professional window tinting in the form of lower winter heating costs, lower summer cooling costs, and frequently available rebates from utility companies, as well as tax credits. Residential window tinting is one of very few home improvements that quite literally pay for itself early in its lifetime.

A-Pro Glass Tinting’s trained staff of residential window tinting professionals will respond promptly to every question you might have, provide a free estimate and be happy to recommend the Vista, Llumar, Magnum, or highly popular and efficient EnerLogic product best suited for your specific needs in protection, comfort, and budget. Click on the product tab of your choice for more information, or call A-Pro Glass Tinting for a free estimate at (310) 348-9999.