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Residential and Commercial Window Film Products

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Keeping the cost of doing business under control is an important factor in business management. That’s why new construction projects, as well as retrofit projects, turn to Llumar commercial window film for an effective and economical means of increasing comfort and reducing energy costs. It’s a well known fact, that energy costs are the single largest operating cost of a commercial building, typically representing an average of 30% of the actual operating budget.

Llumar commercial window tinting is highly affordable and economical. Without the disruption of window replacement and at one-fifth to one-tenth of the cost, Llumar reports that their commercial window tinting films can deliver an average payback within three years and 15% in annualized energy savings. As a bonus, by reducing unwanted heat gain by up to 75%, hot and cold spots throughout the building are eliminated. It’s been calculated that Llumar tint installation versus new window installation provides seven times the energy efficiency per dollar invested. And it does all of this, with a quick and non-disruptive installation that lowers energy costs, improves building aesthetics, reduces carbon emissions, and helps your building qualify for up to nine points in LEED certification.

No one who lives in Southern California is unaware of its benefits, nor are we unaware of increased levels of sun damage and the area’s potential for earthquakes. Here again, Llumar reports to protect investments and save money, by filtering out up to 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, while protecting merchandise, furnishings and personnel. And Llumar security window films will minimize the danger and damage posed by broken glass, regardless of cause.

Let the professionals at A-Pro Glass Tinting show you why Llumar commercial window tinting is the number one choice of architects, building owners, facility managers, and interior designers throughout North America. Call (310) 348-9999 now for a free estimate. We can estimate the savings potential for your building, with our exclusive energy audit process, which utilizes widely accepted DOE-2 analytics.